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Chapman Radio

On the air since 1967



9AM | A Week In The Tunes

1PM | Call Otis

10PM | Solar Sounds


9AM | You’re Not Like Other Girls

10AM | Rhythmic Moves with Colette

1PM | Keep Fashion Weird

3PM | Sad Lime Primetime

4PM | Wheel Tree

5PM | New Earth

10PM | The Overlooked


1PM | In N Alt

10AM | Chapman Sports Radio: Panther Insider

4PM | Let’s Talk About Musica

3PM | Sad Lime Primetime

4PM | Wheel Tree

5PM | New Earth

10PM | The Overlooked


12PM | Dash’s Dario

1PM | Express Yourself

4PM | Hi-Tone Radio

6PM | Fake as Folk

7PM | Happy Hour

10PM | The Comedown


1PM | Tunes on Deck

3PM | Live From The Bunker

4PM | Pete’s a Punk

6PM | Drivin with J

10PM | Hometown Throwdown


1PM | Weekdays with the Weeze!

2PM | The Intelligent World Radio

3PM | The Motley Hour

4PM | Mixtape Ecstasy

5PM | DevCo Radio

6PM | Thotimus Prime Time

8PM | The Incredible Show

10PM | High Fever Radio

11PM | Everybody Has Tones


10AM | Tik Talk

1PM | Sub Club

7PM | Reverb Radio

10PM | Echo Radio

About Us

Chapman Radio is an independent, online radio station run entirely by students at Chapman University since 1967. Broadcasting 24 hours a day, Chapman Radio is the student’s voice.


Chapman Radio aims to amplify student voices over the air waves through our free-form, student-run programming. Any Chapman student can become a Chapman Radio DJ, and are free to share any range of genres and topics on the air. We strive to showcase music and stories from all walks of life, and provide the resources and knowledge for students to pursue careers in broadcasting and entertainment.